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Ahhh…the power of smell.  It’s truly amazing.  Have you ever smelled a pine tree or cinnamon and been instantly transported to a calm state of being surrounded with your memories and happy feelings?  This state of being is a reaction that occurs inside our brain and is beyond our conscious control. 

So, what exactly is happening?

When we smell something, the chemical components of that scent (all the more reason to make sure you know where your oils come from) travel up through the olfactory bulb and make their way into the limbic system of our brain.  Of course, our brains are crazy powerful, but this particular portion is an amazing powerhouse.  It controls our hormones, digestive system, and emotions, among other key bodily functions.  This is why we love smelling our oils.

Smelling without wasting any drops of oil?

Whenever we apply topically, we like to enhance the experience and get the most out of our oils by cupping our hands around our nose and taking a few deep breaths.  Let’s say you applied lavender to a skin imbalance on your child or to their feet for some calming before bedtime.  Take a moment to smell those oils that are still on your hands for your own benefit. 

If we aren’t applying oils topically, why waste a drop?  We like to lift the bottle directly to our nose and smell away.  This method gives us all of the aromatic benefits of essential oils without pouring or using a single drop.


Diffusing is probably our favorite way to use our oils!  If you are like us, you ordered the Premium Starter Kit when you started your journey into oils which came with a cool-mist essential oil diffuser.  We simply fill the reservoir with water and then add 6-10 drops (depending on room size) of our favorite essential oils.  Thieves is a must try!  It is a team favorite for keeping our homes germ-free, plus it is a warm and pleasant scent.  Not only are we getting the therapuetic benefits of essential oils by inhaling them aromatically, but we are making our homes smell amazing in a clean, non-toxic way.  Cheers to that!

Wondering which oil combinations to try in your diffuser? Here are a few of our favorites!

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