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Internal Use

YLEO New Website_026PINIMAGEThere’s two easy ways to enjoy the benefits of ingesting essential oils.  We can add them to our water or drop them in an empty vegetable capsule. An important note is that we are only referring to Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils, specifically the oils and blends that have been labeled as supplements and classified by the FDA as GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

Oils in Water

It’s no secret that we should be drinking lots of water, which is super beneficial for our overall health.  For an extra refreshing energy boost, why not grab some essential oil infused water instead. A drop of lemon, grapefruit, or citrus oil of your choice is wonderful for helping your body combat sugar cravings and fighting the battle of the bulge.

Be sure to use a glass or stainless steel cup and straw because the oils can dissolve the petrochemicals in the plastic, and that wouldn’t be good to ingest.  We love the Mason Bar Company because who doesn’t like to have a cute glass?  We won’t judge if you fill it with some oil-infused sangria either!

Place about 1-2 drops of your oil(s) of choice in the bottom of your glass.  Add ice and filtered water and enjoy your drink.  If you let the water sit, the oils may raise up to the top, so just swirl it around so you don’t get a big gulp of oil on your lips.  You can also add the oils to a little bit of honey to emulsify them before putting your water in, which is nice with warm water to create a cozy wellness tea.

Oils in Capsules

When it’s time to kick the oil usage in high-gear, vegetable capsules are a great option.  You simply open the empty capsule (we like size “00”), add the desired amount of oil (according to the “recipe” you’re using) and fill the remainder with a liquid carrier oil.

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  • Paula Rasmussen - Would love to know more about oils and weight lossReplyCancel

  • Kelcie - Hi my name is kelcie…. I was at the vitamin shoppee trying to buy essential oils but the guy working there told me that those are more for aromatherapy and most people don’t drink them… How do I know if I am drinking the right kind of essential oil? And also he recommended grapefruit seed oil which is what I ended up buying…. Do u know much about it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

    • lavenderandlime - Hi Kelcie,

      Thanks for commenting. We ONLY recommend Young Living essential oils because their quality is thoroughly regulated. This is always important, but especially so when ingesting oils.ReplyCancel

  • Jan - Wondering what you think about drinking essential oils in hot water?

    • lavenderandlime - I think really warm is ok, but if it’s too hot, the oils can lose their effectiveness. I know people make a Thieves tea and that helps with sore throats.ReplyCancel

  • liana - I can’t make out what the bottle on the left underneath grapefruit is?ReplyCancel

    • lavenderandlime - Thanks for asking Liana. It’s ocotea, which is great for balancing blood sugar.ReplyCancel

  • Rochell - Thank you for sharing. I too am not wild about the taste of water. I just started with Young Living Oils and am I loving it.

    I can’t make out the oils you have one the pic. I believe its Peppermint, Lime and Lemon on the right. What are the others?ReplyCancel

  • cricket - Rochelle, I think the oils on the left are grapefruit, ocotea, and orange.ReplyCancel

  • Tatiana - Hi…how do you use it? All the oils together in the same glass? Or one by one through the day?ReplyCancel

    • lavenderandlime - I combine a couple different types of oils with my water, but never more than 2 different ones and never more than 5 drops. That’s just my preference.ReplyCancel

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