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Knowledge is power!  Really, though; it is.  It’s what keeps our brains young and healthy.  Whether you loved school or hated it, learning was so essential to your development and current skills.  Certian subjects like math and language arts took years of practice to understand and memorize.  Other things may have come naturally.  Essential oils are something that most of us didn’t grow up with.  They are a brand new subject, and we are right there with you on that learning curve to make essential oils a natural part of your daily routine!  We know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.  That’s why we’re here!  Lavender & Lime is a community of heartfelt support; you’re never alone!

When your starter kit arrives on your doorstep you’ll probably be in one of two groups.  You will either be super excited and immediately smell every oil, quickly figuring out your favorites.  Or, you may be on the shyer side of things.  Your box may sit unopened for a bit if you, like us, feel overwhelmed at the need to research every detail.  If you are in the later group, you’re not alone!  We get it!  We have been there.  We want to encourage you to open that box.  There is a great base line of information included in the kit which will get you started, and as you begin by smelling and difusing your oils the process will feel intuaitive. When you’re ready to dig deeper, we have some of our favorite resources to share with you.

Resources for Learning  is the US National Library of Medicine.  In other words, real medical research studies done on every kind of ailment imaginable.  There are hundreds of studies using essential oils for healing. is our favorite resource for personal testimonials.  When I’m looking up a topic, I like to see someone’s personal experience with it, and this is just the place to do that.  You do have to register, but it’s free and they don’t spam you.

Lavender & Lime Collective Facebook Group this is exclusively for our team members.  It’s a place to ask questions, share concerns and see what has worked for others.  We also post our giveaways here 🙂

Essential Oils Pocket Reference is now in its 6th edition and packed full of useful information.  You can look up uses for every oil and blend that Young Living makes or you can search by ailment to see the recommended protocols.  This book is our gift to you when you sign up through our website link (worth over $25)

Lavender and Lime Presents: Resources for Essential Oil ResearchPINIMAGE

Lavender and Lime Presents: Resources for Essential Oil Research


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  • TinaMarie - Lori, unfortunately I recently signed up with Young Liviing under a different blogger who also offered some free info with purchase. I have since discovered your website a see the wealth of info you have on the oils. As I’m digging in to learn more, I understand that you only make certain info available for people who have signed up under you. Any remedy for my situation so that I may learn more from you?


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