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Topical Use

YLEO New Website_018PINIMAGEHere at Lavender & Lime, we love educating our members and friends on how to actually use our beloved essential oils.  One of the biggest questions is how and where to apply them.

So, let’s start simply…

Where to apply?

To use oils topically, just drop 1-2 drops of your desired essential oil onto the palm on your hand and rub it where it’s needed.  Don’t overthink it.  Tummy troubles?  Apply directly to the stomach.  Tension?  Apply right to that tense spot.  See, it isn’t that hard.

The other option is the feet.  Check out the vitaflex chart in your Essential Oil Pocket Reference and apply the oils directly to the corresponding spot on the feet.  When applied topically, essential oils are absorbed into the blood stream within 30 seconds and metabolized within 2 hours, making it important to apply oils as often as the symptoms recur.

How to apply?

It’s best to try to press the oils into the skin using a rolling motion from the pads of your fingers rolling up to the tips.

Be sure to read your labels and if needed, dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil.  It’s always best to dilute on children and sensative skin.  Our motto is: when in doubt, dilute!

Oils in the bath?

Who doesn’t love a good, relaxing bath?  Simply fill a small bowl with about 2 cups of epsom salts (for an adult).  Add 5-8 drops of essential oil to the epsom salts; this helps emulsify the oil so they aren’t sitting on top of your bath water.  We love this for sore muscles and some good mind calming.


Just use common sense.  Never drop essential oils directly into your eyes, ears, or nose.  If you are applying essential oils around your eyes use caution and always dilute.  A drop of Lavender on a cotton ball, placed in the openeing of the ear, can be soothing for ear discomfort as well as applying around the outer ear or behind it rather than in it.  In the same way, a drop of essential oil on a cotton swab brushed on the nostril can be helpful, whereas, a drop deep into the nose can be painful and create a burning sensation.

When using essential oils, always have a carrier oil nearby.  It’s a matter of safety.  If the essential oil accidentally gets in your eye or creates an unpleasant sensation on the skin, grab your carrier oil, NOT WATER.  Remember, water and oil don’t mix, so using water will only drive the oil deeper into the unwanted area.

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